Wisdoms from the Mighty Eagle

When you come to crossroads and think your further steps, it’s sometimes good to ask viewpoint from people who have been there and already done that. I had the privilege to hear super feedback and advice from the Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds co-founder and long time sales and marketing master, Peter Vesterbacka.

As I’m developing my own Hangzhou-based consultation company,  Mingle China, helping foreign entrepreneurs to land China, I’ve got much forward. After a colourful and more substantial Spring I would have expected, I have conquered the first two important steps in running my own company. Now it’s important time to ponder the following steps and how to get there. As always, Peter listens carefully, he thinks a little bit, looks outside to the window. His eyes make a quick move in a small area from left to right and things start to click in his head. And boom, something revealing, even a revelation comes out.

Have seen and witnessed it many times.

This time Peter though thinks a little while and says something different – no miraculous awesome buzz hypersuperduper ideas, but something more concrete and down to earth.

Lauri, get to the basics.

What do you want to do?

What can bring you revenue and food to the table?

What can bring you a stable basic frame, which enables you to jump higher.

Let it be someone’s company you work with, a public organization, or your own company, at this stage you need a basis and basic income.

After that you can reach into greater heights.

This applies to me, might apply to many, but not of course everybody. These words are meant for me.

Peter continues: You need to get to your scores, sales or other goals. After that you can either decide, whether you work less and satisfy for that, or do even more stuff and get more things and projects done and forward. “I’ve always chosen the second one.”

Peter has multiple projects again on-going in China. Many of those are related to education, one of his favourite topics besides other two “E’s”, entrepreneurship and entertainment. Fun Academy is going strongly forward in China, a new team being built and long-term presence starting. Lightneer obviously just got new funding of 5M$ a month ago. Co-operation between sports high schools of China and Finland is kickstarting, and Ice-hockey networking is taken into new heights with Jokerit and Red Star Kunlun. Space nation takes big steps forward. Some projects are bigger, such as the ambitious tunnel project between Helsinki and Tallinn, Estonia’s capital.

A lot of balls on the field. Surely one or more of them will go into goal. A few will be stopped by the post or goes directly to the stands.

“You need to have enough balls on the pitch, in order to score at least some of them.”

“That’s the same to you, Lauri. With your new project, whichever those will be, you need to score at least the minimum of your ‘sales’ goals. Then you’re free to get your own more ambitious and impactful things forward.”

“Think big. There are so many opportunities in your projects.”

Some more detailed and concrete suggestions also follow.

However, the message is clear: You need to know yourself, what you want to do, what suits you, what gives you a platform to do what you love and like – and supports you to even exceed and expand your scope.

Sounds cool. That’s how Angry Birds was brought into one of the world’s most famous brands.

That’s how Peter gets an access into the most imaginable places and gets door opened into the cabinets of the governmental heads, entrepreneurial princes. He just loves what he does and follows the intuition and goes forward. Like a wind, a Zhuge Liang, who senses which way the fire and wind will blow, sees immediately how sun will rise and whether it will rain. And before you even realise, how it will be, Peter has already moved and went into some direction. 7 out of 10 he’s probably right. 7 times out of 10 he’s a step ahead of others. 3 out of 10 he fails. But he doesn’t care, he comes back and creates something new out of those. And those 7 other steps have already taken him so much forward that it won’t be difficult to keep the energy, flow, and new opportunities to come. The positive cycle breeds itself.

Peter also has a very supporting family and relatives. Otherwise I guess he wouldn’t be able to do and keep succeeding in what he loves to do. Ambitious young entrepreneurs, keep that in mind – you’re home dream and ideal needs to be – eventually – in line with your career dreams and goals. Otherwise you’ll never succeed them.

You see the in many successful entrepreneurs, whether they are married or not.

Much for one day,

much more to ponder for the starting week.

One thing is sure. No matter how much ambition, determination, love and passion you have for what you do, you can get your projects and what you love to do much better forward if you once in a while listen to people who have been there before, who know the tricks and who care about what you do. Me, like so many of my generation of entrepreneurs, in China and elsewhere, are super lucky to have such a mentor and example behind our backs. A word here or there, a viewpoint at a crucial moment, a warning or encouragement, or simple listening. That can sometimes make all the difference in the world and help you to do even better decisions on your way to becoming a stable, holistic entrepreneur and mighty mother nature’s servant on this side of our planet earth.


Keep it up friends, believe in your dreams, and remember the old wisdom, a good salesman and entrepreneur has two ears and one mouth. That often takes you very long.

Keep it up, get back to you soon!



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