A life full of purpose – Hangzhou, day 5

Newcomers, entrepreneurial environment, Hangzhou historical influence, moves, the purpose of your direction…

Today genuinely happy to have a newcomer in our team in Hangzhou. Olivia Aaltonen, soon graduating promising student from Turku flew all over to Hangzhou to join the Mingle Superstars team. Was very delighted to show her around one of the new entrepreneurial and soon to be global centers of China, Hangzhou Century City, at “Gangnam”, south of the river. We had really interesting discussions about China, entrepreneurship, tech, education and other industries. A soft landing, place checked for her, easing jet lag, good Chinese food and look to our next week. “It’s best to get directly into action”, great attitude! 
Olivia joins us through promising cooperation with one of the stars of Finnish startup scene, the Startup Life program, now Startuplifers.org. After 2-month period Olivia’s going back to Finland, hopefully with a strong experience that grows new ideas, opportunities and understanding. She’ll be supporting with event arrangement, communications and BD. Good rest and tomorrow directly to the frontline – that’s how you best learn. 
We discussed today about company values, ongoing cases, preferences, past experiences, wishes, practicalities and company spring and long-term outline. The soft landing eventually became a deep thorough talk on the basics and action. That’s what Hangzhou’s very pro-entrepreneurial environment often does… 🙂 I guess The tone might have been very different if we’d met e.g. in Machiavelli student restaurant in Turku. 
Environment does matter, that’s for sure. All environments have their ups and downs. But it’s difficult to think many better entrepreneurial environments than the many corners of Hangzhou. It’s no coincidence Alibaba comes from here… The world’s first entrepreneurial civilization, many argue, was the Song Dynasty China a millennia ago. It’s no wonder that was when Hangzhou was it’s capital. And poet-governors like Su Dongpo made fantastic achievements here, which made the place the pride of the world. “I’ve never seen a place with more beauty than Hangzhou”, mentioned one traveler called Marco Polo that time.
A combination of Chinese culture, history, entrepreneurship and innovation make Hangzhou a truly unique place to be. I am also looking forward to see what may happen if we plant the seeds of some Finnish characteristics into this soil. China also needs some transparency, trust, rootedness and down-to-earth skills and characteristics that Finland often shows. Our ethics, technological and innovative thinking, high-trust society and modest approach often make it a workable combination to cooperate with the Chinese. That’s often something that has not only business, but also more substantial influence that sometimes goes deep into your bones. An agrarian culture, relative modesty and ability to take hardships often unite us. It’s no wonder Finland has had very easy relationship with China even through globally more tumultuous times. It’s a good basis to build on.
However behind the grand handshakes by big potatoes there are the grassroot entrepreneurs, educators, workers, and so on, who actually eventually define the state of the relationships. It doesn’t create a lot of value if big leaders talk big, but not much happen at the grassroots. We are aiming on making on impact and not only talking, but also doing things. Making word into flesh. (And sometimes perhaps it’s good to make flesh into words.) 
Every day learning, every day growing, every becoming more who you are. 举一反三。Broadening your horizons. Self-actualization. For a company, for an individual – even for a country? Or our globe? Part of it, helping to make our globe run. With small steps forward into bigger.
Do what you love, become what you already are. Walk the walk. A life walk. 
And leave with a positive warm feeling and a light smile on your face.

Thank you almighty for the strength you give us everyday. You make us shine and renew ourselves, make us everyday become more who we are. A right direction, right steps, steps that are paved already beforehand. It feels a great blessing to walk those. They are there, for everyone of us, you just need to find it and walk them, then it’s impossible to feel unhappy, or that life doesn’t have a meaning or purpose. It works 100 %, always in any situation of life.
Today also happy to get stuff moved to a new place closeby back to Jiarun Gongguan – and keeping the old flat for another 1,5 months to having chance to accommodate others too. 
Every day in China is a unique journey, so was today, in big and small. And rarely without any greater meaning. 
Get back to you soon and best wishes for all, wishing a meaningful, purposeful week for everyone! 


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