Day 7, Hangzhou 

A good day in Hangzhou, full review on all of our Business plan and our customers and roadmap to the spring, year and light review until 2022. This is something for good, Not only a 30m dash, Where you put all your efforts in creating an extravaganza and short term benefits – but doing a meaningful and ethical impact on a long term and genuinely supporting the people on the grassroots and the ecosystems. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I feel so happy to be finally able to do it. I’m genuinely happy for my partners to be able to have this sort of an environment where good things may happen. 
Truth, honesty, Wisdom and good intensions often prevail – in the end. That’s same in family life as on business.
Also very happy to find myself “educating” stuff to the next generation. Today I was reminded that people with fresh eyes can press a question that forces you to think things from a totally new perspective and boom – a big innovation coming. And pieces coming together. Thanks Olivia for your genuine interest, brave attitude and very sharp showing to pointing out some key essentials. Startuplifers. org has arranged a super person to China… 
It feels great to see that pieces are coming more and more together. Yes on some way I feel the “Hard thing about hard things” feelings when arranging stuff, going over challenges, and getting things forward. But it’s part of the excitement, you feel a strong sense of meaning when being in here. 

Best regards, from Shanghai, the Yuanfen has brought us here this evening. Tomorrow morning an education meeting at the General Consulate, and a lunch with really good people, having Kevin finally back in China (hope not too much jet lag) and so Many great things happening. In the positive feelings one Also Needs to remember to stay calm, stay humble. You are there mainly because of other people. You shoud let the energy float through you, but also remembering that without the blessing, spirit and ”luck” from above nothing is possible. 
Thanks for all your blessings,


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