Great time with a few China-Finland pioneers in Finland

Great to be back in Finland!

Even though I’m from here, even though I have close loving relatives and dear friends here, I more and more feel that I’m “visiting” here. When going back Hangzhou I feel I’m “back home”. That’s interesting. 

Super happy though good friends – and also the developments between China and Finland. That’s what we also pivot, and work hard for, through projects, and our company Mingle Advisors. I’m really happy that I’ve finally found the most natural tool until now to do what I love – and so happy that projects develop, and that we’re making an impact.

1+ week still in Finland. First 2 Days over and nice occasions. 

Meeting with partners, also with active Sino-Finnish pioneers, such as Charlie Zhang, who hosted Tencent CEO and so many more here, also with Slush.

Betty Yu, who’s just simply brilliant in linking people together and through culture bringing new light and flavor to the Sino-Finnish relations, Henrik Ollus, one of the super pioneers of Aalto’s prestigious TuTa program and envisioning highly interesting personal research project with Mingle in Hangzhou. 

Today also met another dear friend, Jiang Zhongqing, with whom we cooperated closely in 2013-16, and whose best man I had an honor to be 1 month ago in China. He’s a top 15 U30 entrepreneurs in Finland, and highly successful “nyhtökaura” pioneer. He and his beautiful Yang Linxi (Lucy) have met in Finland, what a romantic Chinese love story. 

Juan Li (Julia) is bringing a change in the way how Chinese get employed in Finland with EU-funded Sino-Talent Finland project. 

And of course, Crista Juola too, who mentioned that she might be coming back to China. Would be awesome. We worked with Slush China together in 2015. Now she’s at ministry of Defence.

Great people! Wow, I have no idea if all the Finns interested about China have yet found them? You don’t always need to go to China in order to get your things forward. Sometimes looking closeby can give the needed significant start already. 
Behind the scenes of these active Chinese and Finnish folks, are also though a big bunch of super influential governmental workers, that usually almost nobody notices. One of these grand people is Arto Haapea.

Have a look on him, he and his team at the Finnish foreign ministry are behind much of the followup of the initiatives since Xi Jinping and president Niinistö and PM Sipilä met each other several times. 

Was highly interesting to discuss for an hour about the latest updates and advice on how to get things best forward in China and Hangzhou. It’s interesting that so many highlights that Hangzhou has raised its profile and the goal is to activate it more this and following years. That might mean A lot of work for us too… 👌

Oulu and Hangzhou sister city cooperation is a very good example of the more activating sister city relations between Finland and China.
A raise of hat for all these fantastic people working for Sino-Finnish friendships and bridge-building. Beyond these there’s also much more, that also would deserve a spotlight. 

Today going skiing after many years, awesome , and next week on the spot in Oulu. Really happy to go back to the North. Looking forward for an interesting few days. 

Ps. My number if needed (same as last time) :

+358 41 ‭478 7297.




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