Oulu city and tech-community just keeps me amazed

Great days in Oulu finished last week with inspiring meetings with Oulu city, with Chief Executive Mr. Kyösti Oikarinen, with Education teams and actives, with BusinessOulu acknowledged director Juha Ala-Mursula and a bunch of their great team members, and much more. I really love this city and think it has a special way to function and get people onboard. The size is big enough to create world-class research and innovations, but also small enough to have a very active engagement between the institutions and teams. People all know each other and due to the high level of knowledge and experience – and a “go-abroad” attitude, Oulu suits super well to accelerate global projects forward. It’s a lot about education, ICT, good governance and great usage of limited resources. 35 % of working age people in Oulu have a Uni degree – and you can see and feel it.

I keep amazed day and time after another of how many innovative minds there is in this small “town”, that is less than the whole population of Iceland, or a few blocks in Shanghai or Beijing.

It is also in a small scale interesting to see how FINLAND works. We truly have a unique society and with foreign perspective, it all looks very fresh, curious and well-functioning. We of course have our lacking elements, and China is blowing rapidly forward, but we also have our unique advantages.

Me and our teams will keep working hard to everyday to serve and to earn the respect from the people and community in Oulu and broader in Finland.

After ecosystems perhaps and hopefully are built, I think it’s also a time to build broader bridges between others in Finland, Nordics and Europe. Yes we can, I believe. Let’s all focus on our own corners and together we can do truly great things.

Thank you again Finland, je t’aime,

merci beaucoup,




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