Polar Bear Pitching 2018 in Oulu very inspirational and meaningful

Great to visit one of my favourite cities in the world, Oulu.

Had the honor to join the Polar Bear Pitching, last week, to host a China education workshop, and pitch China cooperation directly to the Minister of Foreign Trade, Mr. Kai Mykkänen (whom I pitched for the first time while a 14-year old student in Espoo Nöykkiö school in 1999, while he was a youngster politician working on the project my father was coordinating). It’s a small world, and now we all meet and were gathered at the “coolest” startup event of the world in Oulu.

I enjoyed a great deal to host the education workshop – and join the stage with John Meewella, whose very inspirational speaker and a good-hearted man. If every Finnish city would have one John, Finland probably would be a much better place.

I was also struck by the spirit and attitude of Polar Bear Pitching team. I knew and felt that there’s something going on there, but this exceeded all my expectations. Even if the scale is smaller than e.g. with Slush or many others, I believe the genuine spirit of PBP will take these folks very far and long. I hope we succeed also in well supporting the spirit in China. Big thanks to Mia Kemppaala, the inspirational initiator, and to the broader ecosystem besides it.


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