About Lauri

I’m a Finnish entrepreneur living in Hangzhou, China. My goal is to build bridges on both sides of the Silk Road.

I’m currently working on an app called NiHao, which was chosen the #1 Startup in China by TechCrunch. (TechNode, 2016 Best Startups Founded by the Expats.) After 2015 launch, we’ve raised 7,5M in the first year, soon to look for 15-20M in the next round. Our mission is to support the expat community in China and bring Chinese and foreigners closer with each other.

I have also co-founded Slush China event last year in China at china.slush.org. More info on Slush at slush.org and this year’s October 31st event at shanghai.slush.org.

Besides that I have multiple other areas of life, which I’m interested and which I focus on.

My motto for the new year 2016 is BALANCE. Balance between family, work, economy, health, hobbies and spirituality. We can all make that. Here I’ll show and update how my project balance for 2016 – and eventually for 2020 – is improving.

Hope you enjoy. These pages will leave no one cold and will give you new insights about the cooperation on both sides on the Silk Road, and of life, China, entrepreneurship and much more!

Contact me anytime at lauri@appnihao.com , wechat (id: tangming100) or call me +86 150 6715 7088 (Hangzhou, China) or +358 44 555 0036 (Finland).

Check also more videos, articles in LinkedIn.

Check also my previous blog on China. I studied 2 years in Shenzhen on 2011-2013 and held a blog about how China looked like.

(Updated Oct 8th 2016).




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