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Lauri is a great ideator and organizer who knows how to bring his vision into reality. In Shenzhen University, he initiated the international students’ society and multiple activities through inspiring his fellow students as well as convincing the Chinese university administrators.

He is one of the most culturally skilled people I know and is very knowledgeable of modern history and politics. In addition, he is public speaker and performer without rival.

— Ola Laaksonen, Senior Business Analyst, Strategy Development at KONE Corporation


Probably the best event of my week in China! I loved it!

— Prime Minister of Finland, Mr. Juha Sipilä.

Prime Minister of Finland, Mr. Juha Sipilä, on the tailored event headed by Lauri Tammi and Lauri Virkkunen and their team during the official state visit of PM Sipilä in China. Among other, during that week Mr. Sipilä met also with President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and attended the World Economic forum’s “China Davos” in Dalian. We organised a Global Startup Event with 40 Young Chinese and global startup influencers and brought Chinese and international grassroots and government players together in a unique direct discussion with the Prime Minister and his team in the Finnish Embassy as part of the state visit.


For the last 10 years Lauri has tried to find out the essential about how to deal with the Chinese. Through his cultural and artistic experiences with the Chinese community and vast social studies in the top Nordic Asia research center he has gained a unique viewpoint to the Chinese society. He has combined his theoretical studies with hard work at the core of Chinese business, tech and government influencers. He took the historical challenge as the first European to bring and organise an over 1000-people startup event in Zhongguancun China, together with a dedicated Sino-Finnish team. He has also aided several Finnish SMEs to improve their understanding and business opportunities in China. He connects a widely varying set of skills with a rare practical and theoretical China knowledge, which has created a unique combination, widely requested by both the Chinese and the Westerners.

Do you want to have Lauri to help you out in China? Just call, email, or send a wechat. For small projects it’s possible to go with a very modest startup friendly prizes. In the Spring and Summer 2017 only Lauri has given services to over 15 different companies and institutions, with general investment of 1000-2000 euros per customer. Ask for an offer! Whatever your China dream, Lauri can speed it up quickly and take you many steps closer through his unique networks, skill-set, speed and understanding of the Chinese thinking and grassroot networking. Lauri speaks fluent Chinese, Finnish, English, French, Swedish and Spanish. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Finland, studies in Aalto, Turku, Fudan and Tsinghua universities, and a 6 year international work experience in China, Finland, Africa, Korea, Ireland and U.K.

Connect Lauri anytime, 100% certainty for an answer, often even a quick one!

Lauri has an amazing skill of connecting directly with the Chinese government and grassroot influencers.

Marianne Vikkula, Slush CEO.

Mr. Tammi is a real treasure for any for any forward-minded company in China and abroad.

Wang Qingquo, Dean, College of International Exchange, Shenzhen University