This is an area that is something fully your own. For me this is two things that are very important:

Sport and music, most preferably football and piano (or guitar). If I can play these regularly, I’m okay, I’m happy.

These may usually not directly influence your economy, work or family (unless done with them), but these keep yourself on the positive and safe side, which enables you to do your work, earn your money and have energy for your family. Most importantly it keeps your health, physical, mental, even spiritual in order.

I’ve realized, wherever I live, let It be Ireland, Africa or China, I’m happy if I play both football and piano 2-3 times a week for an hour or more. It’s pretty simple.

If your work is not too hectic, you have time for these. If your economy allows you to, it’s okay. If your family supports your hobbies, it’s cool. If you’re not good condition, you can do them.