This is an element, that I believe everyone should have. But many consider this not important. For some people it’s irrelevant. I guess it’s due to the bad reputation of religions in some places and in the minds of some people. Spirituality though doesn’t have to be religious. But I believe that a healthy and open relationship with heaven (or “God”) is crucial to any balanced life. I’ve discovered and experienced that on my own many times – in my relationships, work, economy, hobbies and health.

This is an area that many of us can most develop. By developing this you can see amazing improvement in all areas of your life. I highly recommend. Go to a Buddhist monastery for a week, discuss with an Imam a few times, visit your Sunday church a few times, read any religious holy book for 2 days, start yoga and get into its philosophy, read classical epic literature such as Victor Hugo, Aristotle, Kant, Camus, Confucius or Laozi. Or go walking the camino de Santiago de Compostela, climb and live on a mountain for a week, pick mushrooms and blueberries on your summer cottage for one week, whichever gets you closer to the heaven and nature.

These things enable you to unleash the heavenly powers behind you. It’s also ethically crucially important to be well grounded and serve “God” wherever you go. People will sense and feel that you’re doing good. A work of the devil or satan cannot get you very far, as your god will always prevail in the end and support you most.