Why is work so important in our lives?

I believe it’s because of two things:

Salary and enjoyment.

You get your salary – economic stability, which much enables family, hobbies, health. That’s why it’s crucially important. Especially in societies where you need to earn a lot of things through money, such as our capitalist society, which we live in. Want it or not, that’s how it is. It also can be positive thing that enables a lot.

But you also need to enjoy your work. Best is if you love what you do. “I love this shit”, is a phrase of many successful entrepreneurs. When you love your work, you get energy, your health is better, it reflects your family, you have time for yourself, your hobbies. It is key essential in having a balanced life.

Work is the key for your balance. It enables you to materially finance your life – and at best inspires and supports other important elements of life.

Obs. I think money is not the greatest attribute for great work. I would say the best attribute is to look at how much you feel freedom in your work. Is it 100% the work you would like to do in your dreams? Is it 80% of that? That’s already good. Would you do this, if they didn’t pay you at all? That’s a great question. If yes, then it’s 100%. If you do it out of money, you’re a slave. 0-10% willingness means slavery. Everything is besides those. Great money liberates you to invest more in your family, hobbies, leisure.

So how to get the best possible reward in the optimal support for your life balance?

That’s important.